Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin parked on the roadside overlooking the Karoo desert.
Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin parked on the roadside overlooking the Karoo desert.

South Africa

Honda Adventure Roads 2019

In 2019 we took on mountain passes, rode through the stunning landscapes of the Karoo desert region, the Swartberg Pass, ending at the Cape of Good Hope. Covering 3,736 kilometres in 12 stages across breath-taking scenery, it was a view of South Africa that only a few will ever experience.

Some of the worst roads in the world can be the best

South Africa was the ultimate test for our team of riders with the ability to stay on course – and on track – using an electronic roadbook with step-by-step instructions for each leg of the journey. Each step produced challenges that pushed riding skills to the limit on that long road to the Cape of Good Hope. 


Riding alongside fellow Africa Twin enthusiasts, was also about sharing experiences on the road and developing new friendships. You’d have mastered new riding skills by learning from each other and will have discovered that it was not always the destination that mattered – but the whole journey.

Moments to remember

Travelling in a different land and experiencing different cultures is good for the soul and always leads to a better understanding of how others live in a world that often seems so different to that of our own. Stops along the way always prompted interesting conversations that were not always about bikes.

Into Africa

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